Essay about air pollution cause and effect

Essay about air pollution cause and effect, How can the answer be improved.

Short paragraph on air pollution (causes and effects) charcoal and firewood also causes air pollution by producing carbon dioxide essay on air pollution. One effect of pollution is that it affects the human respiratory system and causes heart problems it is also well known to cause some cancer and other body problems many people have died directly and indirectly as a result of air pollution in areas affected most by air pollution children commonly suffer from pneumonia and asthma. Cause of air pollution: the various causes of air pollution are: (i) combustion of natural gas, petroleum, coal and wood in industries, automobiles, aircrafts, railways, thermal plants, agricultural burning, kitchens, etc (soot. Air pollution, effects and solutions essayair pollution my speech air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living organisms, or cause damage to the natural environment or built environment, into the atmosphere.

Air-pollution may cause severe lungs-diseases, asthma, brain-disorder diseases, etc soil-pollution may have negative effect on farm.

Air pollution essays what causes air pollution air pollution results mainly from the incomplete combustion of several fuels, such as coal, petrol and wood the.

  • Natural air pollution is caused by phenomenon such as volcanic eruption, wind erosion, decomposition and radioactive materials writing essay can only do as much in explaining each cause volcanic eruptions send sulfur dioxide, tons of ash, and soot into the air which mixes with water vapor to form acid rain.
  • Pollution is a major hazard that causes many problems to the people and environment pollution is the introduction of contaminants into a natural environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem it is divided into three: air, water and noise pollutants are the elements of pollution.
  • There are many types of pollution ranging from air to land it is a major problem in america and as well as the entire world pollution not only damages the environment, but damages us also pollution is the cause of many problems ranging from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect.

Causes, effects and solutions of air pollution: air pollution is one such form that refers to the contamination of the air, irrespective of indoors or outside a.

Essay about air pollution cause and effect
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